Tuesday, 9 January 2018

How the Self-Help Book Publishing Industry Works

When people go somewhere new, they like to have a GPS to get me there. As an aspiring author, consider this article your GPS for how to navigate the self-help book publishing industry. Here are 3 steps you'll need to take to land your first publishing contract.

Step One: Write a proposal

Is the first step writing a manuscript? No! It's a waste of your time and trouble. Instead, write a proposal that summarizes your idea, demonstrates your credibility and makes an agent feel lucky to get to work with you! Readers can find great stuff on Ennymedia.

Step Two: Get a literary agent with a proven track record

You need a literary agent for several reasons: 1) you'll get feedback from them on how to strengthen your proposal, 2) they'll know which publishers would want to buy your book idea and 3) they know how to negotiate the best contract for you. Their success is tied to your success-they don't get paid unless they land you a lucrative book deal (usually 15%).

Step Three: Your book is out in the bookstores!

Time for you to get out there and promote your book through television and radio interviews, at book signings at bookstores and at conferences and other relevant venues. If you are into reading, head to Ennymedia website.

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